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One day to go…

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(Actually written on: 12:53 AM Jan 31, 2003)

I enjoyed today till I got so tired that it was difficult to even walk!

Had been in the college from 8 in the morning right up-to 8 in the evening. Helped in cleaning up the classrooms for the exhibition.

This day might the first day I was in college for so long. (Usually I’m in the college for only about 1-2 hours 😉 But I must confess, I enjoyed working and helping!

Tomorrow is the big day. I made a presentation in MS PowerPoint on my topic ‘Computer Viruses’. I have also written a few lines that I’ll put up on a chart behind the computer, just in case of a power failure. (I have started to think in advance!!)

That’s it for today… I’m in a hurry so I’ll wind up here.


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January 30, 2003 at 11:56 pm

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ALL in a day's work

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I don’t know how to really judge today’s experiences. The morning was energetic, blazing and full of vigour as myself and Yogesh were fighting computer viruses in our college computer lab – bare-handed!
The pesky virus is known as “VBS.Redlof.A” in technical terms. It is a polymorphic virus which changes it’s own appearance every time it infects a new set of files. And to add to the tensions, it infects all the html, asp, vbs and htt files. It simply means that even if one infected file is remaining on the disk, it’s only a matter of time when someone stumbles upon it and opens the file. (KA-BOOM).

Although the virus is not too much destructive all the time, it is quite annoying and eats up a lot of disk space. I won’t write too many details on the virus here… you can get them on any of the antivirus sites.

The basic idea behind not using antivirus software to tackle this problem was that the virus being polymorphic, is not that easy to remove from an infected file. It’s pretty easy to detect, but all of the anti viruses I tried suggested me to delete the infected files immediately. That is NOT possible. As many of my classmates have worked hard on making those files… I can’t just let them be deleted. (Although someone always deletes all of my files on the college network, I suspect the lab assistant guy.)

Ok, getting back to the point, I made a little utility in Visual Basic that allows to remove the infected part of the file even if it is different-looking in every file. Used it to clean the files first. Then we removed all the “folder.htt” files from the disk. Next thing was to use the windows registry editor to disable the ‘autostart’ feature of the virus. (It tell windows to run the viral code every time windows starts… pretty smart!)

After we had removed all traces of the virus, we re-installed the operating system to replace infected system files safely. (If you are wondering: simply re-installing windows without deleting any files IS possible.)

With that done, we were ready to get the antivirus and get it’s final opinion on the cleanliness of the system. We reported to our professors, who were lethargic and were not even interested in what all things we did to get rid of the trouble.

Yogesh asked “Should we clean other computers in the same way too?” and the answer was, “Yes, maybe, we’ll see. I have to go now, I’ll talk to you about it later.”

Well, well, so much for being “ghostbusters” of the college lab! Anyway, I had a very entertaining and informative experience. This was the second virus I fought without any “expert” software. The first one was the “Verona.B” worm. I’ll surely remember this day.

The afternoon was lazy and depressive.

After coming back from college, I was feeling good for my success and bad for not being appreciated properly. It’s not a problem as long as my personal satisfaction is concerned, but what I wonder is how did these people get appointed as our professors? What kind of ‘experts’ or ‘computer scientists’ are they going to produce from the college if this is the kind of interest professors show. But trust me, they cannon, under any circumstances shut down my curiosity and interests. And in the end, I look forward to becoming an expert in computers!

Ashutosh and Joy were at my home since morning… they were working on their project. I think they are going good at programming. Ashutosh has picked up the skills quite fast and Joy is not far behind! With all those thoughts in my mind, I had a nice talk with them and then they left at 5 for their tutions. (For Your Information: I don’t have a tution at that time.)

The evening was… well I don’t know coz I was sleeping from 5 to 7. Then

I woke up at 7 when Yogesh came here. We talked for sometime and then he left. Then I phoned Joy after sometime, told him I’d be coming to his place at around 8:30 to pick him up. Then I had my dinner and watched some TV programme on frogs and left.

Went to Joy’s house, picked him up and started off towards home. Met Mom and Dad on the way. (They had gone out for some work) Then we went to Bonney’s (my friend) house. (His team was declared the first runner up in the Quiz Competition for which he is in Mumbai. They missed the first prize in a tie-breaker. Anyway, “Congrats Bonney! Keep it up!”)

Then went to Yogesh’s home, Amit Patole (our senior) was there. Talked for sometime, informed Yogesh about the cancellation of the tomorrows’ electronics tuition and started off towards home.

Came home, printed around 50 pages of information on viruses (for my project) and started writing this…

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January 29, 2003 at 12:19 am

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The Good Times…

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The computer lab at our college has been attacked by the VBS.Redlof virus. The guys
at the lab were about to get all the comps formatted and lose our work. I requested
them to allow me one more day to write a program to clean the virus. (The
antivirus’ we have don’t really “heal” the files, they simply delete the files
affected by this little script virus.)

I have written the program in VB to detect the infected files, now I have to write
a routine to remove the malicious code and present my solution tomorrow.

Seeing my interest in viruses, I have decided to change the topic of my project
from ‘Online Security’ to ‘Viruses’. I hope I’ll be in a better position to talk
about viruses than about online security 😉

Messed up a little bit… showed my Journal to Joy and Ashutosh (oops!) But It’s OK
as even if I die today, there will be someone who knows where my memories are…
and I can only hope that at least one of them will someday show M these words.
(M, if you’re reading this and I am not sitting beside you, please don’t cry
for me. But remember all your life that, there was someone in this world who loved
you soooooo much. [I can’t write the “ooooo” any longer because of limits enforced
on me by the website managers.] Please forgive me for not letting you know about
these feelings. Be happy, for my sake and whenever you feel lonely, remember I’m
right by your side, and that means even at this very moment. Take Care. With Love,
Yours, Hashu.)

Joy (my friend) had probably been abducted by aliens 😉 and had been replaced by
some dummy as I had been noticing too many changes in his behaviour… but I thank
God and the MIB for getting Joy back to Planet Earth. (Welcome back Joy!)

Ashutosh is still not recovering from yesterday’s shock (regarding D).
Well, he probably expected too much from his dear friend. I feel genuinely sorry
for him. But there’s one thing I observed, Ashutosh has responded like a, well,
child. He has decided to end the relation then and there. But believe me, he’ll be
back on his track in a few days. (Or has he been abducted this time and his dummy’s
playing all the havoc?)

As for my family, Mom and Dad are happy. Pritam is naughty. I am thinking.

Today was terrible: Ashutosh, Joy, Yogesh, Shrikant and myself sat
discussing about Joy and Ashutosh’s g-friend’s matters. Although I was keeping my
calm on the outside, a sand-storm was blowing hard in my brain. All I could
remember apart from our talks was M… all day long.

Other than that, no tutions, no college (I had recieved exclusive permission to
stay at home to complete the project 🙂 and of course lots of time with the

Sonu (Nayan Mawshi’s daughter) called me up in the evening. She want’s to learn
computers a bit more thoroughly and wants me to help her. I’ll only be glad to
share my knowledge. Let’s see if I can teach her a little programming too (I think
she is not much willing to delve THAT deep into comps 😉

I could go on writing for ages like this…. but my smart-ass watch is telling me
that it’s already 29’th by now (1:10 am)
Fear not, The powwo-fluff-grrls are here to save us! They told me to use the
‘Back-Date Entry’ or something like that to change the date and post my message.

OK. So a goodbey for today.
Had a beautiful day.

May God bless each and everyone I know, my relatives, friends, enemies and all
those who I don’t know. And may Peace prevail on earth.

With Love,

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January 28, 2003 at 1:19 am

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Fixed the brinkster account

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Got my account ( up and running.

It was my own mistake that made my site crash! Hehe, at least I figured it out and repaired it. It’s running smooth now!

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January 27, 2003 at 1:43 am

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If Tomorrow Never Comes

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One bad news: telephone rates are now tougher on my pocket! Instead of 3 minutes
pulse, it’s now 2 minutes with the pulse rate not reduced from Rs.1.20 . That
simply means I’ll be using less of the Internet.
But I’ll try to keep my Journal duly updated.

One good news:
Today I cried while listening to Ronan Keating’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’. It’s a song that cries out to my heart and asks me to tell each person how much I love them.

I can’t just go and say ‘I Love You’ to every person I know, because it won’t be
long before I will be certified a ‘crazy man’. But here’s the little list who I
really will be telling very soon how much I love them.
-My Lord, Jesus Christ.
-My Mum and Dad.
-Pritam, my brother.
-My teachers, especially those who taught me to read and write and those who helped
me to fire up my curiosity and make me a person I am today.
-Vickram Jadhav, Amit, Priya, Aniket, Neeraj, Neelima, Sonu, Minu and Chicky : my
-My Uncles and auntys (mamas and mamis) also my mom’s sis Nayan [mawshi].
-Also my dad’s sis : Shashi [attu].

Myself and Ashutosh visited the ‘Rotary Trade Fair’. It’s being held for the first
time in Ahmednagar! It’s HUGE and overwhelming!
There Ashutosh met his friend . But there are some tensions between them
too. (Is there any friendship-breaking epidemic spreading in our city?) They did
not talk for too long. God knows what’s up with all of us.

Again today: no college, no tutions, just me and my computer (except for the fair). Did some of the translation work. Will complete it soon.

All in all, a good day.

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January 27, 2003 at 12:01 am

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I need sleep

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Am I suffering from Insomnia?
I am usually awake till 4 or 5 in the morning and then I get some sleep till 10. Then I get up do some chores, attend college and again sleep from 3 to 5 pm! Then again I am awake for 12 hours!!!

Am I Batman? Or something worse – an Owlman? Hehe…

Don’t bother reading all this… I’m scribbling it in sleep!

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January 26, 2003 at 1:30 am

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Happy Republic Day

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Wish all Indians a Happy Republic Day.

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January 26, 2003 at 12:12 am

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