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If Tomorrow Never Comes

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One bad news: telephone rates are now tougher on my pocket! Instead of 3 minutes
pulse, it’s now 2 minutes with the pulse rate not reduced from Rs.1.20 . That
simply means I’ll be using less of the Internet.
But I’ll try to keep my Journal duly updated.

One good news:
Today I cried while listening to Ronan Keating’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’. It’s a song that cries out to my heart and asks me to tell each person how much I love them.

I can’t just go and say ‘I Love You’ to every person I know, because it won’t be
long before I will be certified a ‘crazy man’. But here’s the little list who I
really will be telling very soon how much I love them.
-My Lord, Jesus Christ.
-My Mum and Dad.
-Pritam, my brother.
-My teachers, especially those who taught me to read and write and those who helped
me to fire up my curiosity and make me a person I am today.
-Vickram Jadhav, Amit, Priya, Aniket, Neeraj, Neelima, Sonu, Minu and Chicky : my
-My Uncles and auntys (mamas and mamis) also my mom’s sis Nayan [mawshi].
-Also my dad’s sis : Shashi [attu].

Myself and Ashutosh visited the ‘Rotary Trade Fair’. It’s being held for the first
time in Ahmednagar! It’s HUGE and overwhelming!
There Ashutosh met his friend . But there are some tensions between them
too. (Is there any friendship-breaking epidemic spreading in our city?) They did
not talk for too long. God knows what’s up with all of us.

Again today: no college, no tutions, just me and my computer (except for the fair). Did some of the translation work. Will complete it soon.

All in all, a good day.


Written by hiway

January 27, 2003 at 12:01 am

Posted in diary, personal

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