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The computer lab at our college has been attacked by the VBS.Redlof virus. The guys
at the lab were about to get all the comps formatted and lose our work. I requested
them to allow me one more day to write a program to clean the virus. (The
antivirus’ we have don’t really “heal” the files, they simply delete the files
affected by this little script virus.)

I have written the program in VB to detect the infected files, now I have to write
a routine to remove the malicious code and present my solution tomorrow.

Seeing my interest in viruses, I have decided to change the topic of my project
from ‘Online Security’ to ‘Viruses’. I hope I’ll be in a better position to talk
about viruses than about online security 😉

Messed up a little bit… showed my Journal to Joy and Ashutosh (oops!) But It’s OK
as even if I die today, there will be someone who knows where my memories are…
and I can only hope that at least one of them will someday show M these words.
(M, if you’re reading this and I am not sitting beside you, please don’t cry
for me. But remember all your life that, there was someone in this world who loved
you soooooo much. [I can’t write the “ooooo” any longer because of limits enforced
on me by the website managers.] Please forgive me for not letting you know about
these feelings. Be happy, for my sake and whenever you feel lonely, remember I’m
right by your side, and that means even at this very moment. Take Care. With Love,
Yours, Hashu.)

Joy (my friend) had probably been abducted by aliens 😉 and had been replaced by
some dummy as I had been noticing too many changes in his behaviour… but I thank
God and the MIB for getting Joy back to Planet Earth. (Welcome back Joy!)

Ashutosh is still not recovering from yesterday’s shock (regarding D).
Well, he probably expected too much from his dear friend. I feel genuinely sorry
for him. But there’s one thing I observed, Ashutosh has responded like a, well,
child. He has decided to end the relation then and there. But believe me, he’ll be
back on his track in a few days. (Or has he been abducted this time and his dummy’s
playing all the havoc?)

As for my family, Mom and Dad are happy. Pritam is naughty. I am thinking.

Today was terrible: Ashutosh, Joy, Yogesh, Shrikant and myself sat
discussing about Joy and Ashutosh’s g-friend’s matters. Although I was keeping my
calm on the outside, a sand-storm was blowing hard in my brain. All I could
remember apart from our talks was M… all day long.

Other than that, no tutions, no college (I had recieved exclusive permission to
stay at home to complete the project 🙂 and of course lots of time with the

Sonu (Nayan Mawshi’s daughter) called me up in the evening. She want’s to learn
computers a bit more thoroughly and wants me to help her. I’ll only be glad to
share my knowledge. Let’s see if I can teach her a little programming too (I think
she is not much willing to delve THAT deep into comps 😉

I could go on writing for ages like this…. but my smart-ass watch is telling me
that it’s already 29’th by now (1:10 am)
Fear not, The powwo-fluff-grrls are here to save us! They told me to use the
‘Back-Date Entry’ or something like that to change the date and post my message.

OK. So a goodbey for today.
Had a beautiful day.

May God bless each and everyone I know, my relatives, friends, enemies and all
those who I don’t know. And may Peace prevail on earth.

With Love,


Written by hiway

January 28, 2003 at 1:19 am

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