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Some good memories of yesterday

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Yesterday was the BIG day!!!

I exhibited my project – a small presentation on the topic – “Computer Viruses – Facts and Fiction”. The reason for the specific topic was that many people are totally blank when it comes to computer viruses. Some also think that the dust carries viruses and if we don't keep the comp clean, it gets infected! The fiction is amusing, and the fact is confusing!

Well apart from either stupid or ignorant people, I gt the chance to meet many intelligent people… of course not all of them had a good nature, as some of them tried hard to break down my confidence. But alas! their efforts were in vain. After the show was over, many of my seniors and also some of my professors praised me for my patience. Well, I can only thank God for gifting me those qualities.

And, now for the surprise, or may be a shock for the Department of Computer Science… a student from the First Year came first in the quiz competition, the second one was from the Third Year and to make this whole thing a big joke, the third prize was awarded to a professor!!!
Ok. Can I boast a little bit here? It was me who won the first prize! “Thank you God”. The reason I mentioned the prize winners was simply to prove my point, 'formal studies do not prepare you for everything', it's the education that you gain yourself that helps you zoom ahead of your seniors and sometimes luckily even your teachers!!! I thank God for giving me enough brains to understand and grasp so many things. But all the time I realise that what I know is nothing as compared to what is out there. I want to learn as much as possible before I get in a position where I cannot.

I have to wind up here… must have my dinner. Will continue later.


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February 1, 2003 at 9:00 pm

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