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2nd Feb was a very lazy day.

I can’t remember doing anything important. Bonney was here with a new audio cassette by ‘Karunesh’. The music is good. So I ripped it into mp3 and was listening to it all evening.

Of course, all the time I remembered M. I was feeling like I should get a train to Baramati (where she is studying) and go and meet her. But again the brain v/s heart war began, and alas, the brain won. So I stayed back… lying on my bed, just thinking about her. Praying for her well being. Then going into sleep. Waking up again… listening to music… falling asleep as I drowned in her thoughts…

I would consider today a non-productive day. But my mood was brightened by my _only_ e-pal’s mail. (you’ll probably know if I am talking about you!)

Nothing else to talk about.


Written by hiway

February 3, 2003 at 3:06 am

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