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I have been alive for 7098 days!

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I have been alive for 7098 days! (A little program that I wrote just now tells me this.) Well, I will include this little number on top of my notes from now on, just to remind me that life is much shorter than we expect… if I live for 70 years, I will see around 25,550 days, which does not seem to be a big number to me!

Cleaned up my room today (a bit) and put up some nice posters that I designed and printed out. Also put up the picture of the patch of “Columbia Shuttle – STS 107 Crew” It has the names of all the 7 brave people who died in a tragic accident.

Today was ‘blue day’ in college so I was in a blue dress with a blue tie, but not in a blue mood! Enjoyed today’s lectures. Had a nap after coming home… was so tired that I slept like a dead man! In the evening, I helped dad in shiftinf one of his book-shelves.

Downloaded “Silent Bob” a software that keeps on recording incoming sound… and when you hear something you “should have” recorded, just ask Silent Bob, he has around last 2 minutes of sounds in his memory! But what a pity, it own’t install, the setup file is damaged. I’ll download it again when I connect to upload this blog.

(And then the regular…) Remembered M. I was thinking of her this afternoon… I don’t understand one thing, how am I going to handle her dad? He’s my professor in college!!! And as far as I know him, he is a tough person. If he gets to know about my love for M, he’s surely going to fail me in the exams! (God help me)

Mom, Dad and Pritam will be going to UK in the summer holidays… I’ll be staying back. I think I’ll go sometime later, like after my Graduation is over, so instead of just wasting the money in sight seeing, I might be able to earn something right there.

Anyway, let’s see how things turn out.

I consider #7098 a regular day in my life. I hope to have a good day tomorow.


Written by hiway

February 6, 2003 at 11:03 pm

Posted in personal, rant

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