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I was unable to write for a few days b’coz I was tired and also b’coz I was unable to connect to the net… probably the slammer (helkern) worm has attacked the Indian servers!! The speed was a crawling 0.1 to 0.3 kbps!!!!!!!!!! That is utterly disguisting! My download of a 59kb image took ages, even though I was using Download Accelrator. The usual download speed is about 5 kbps which IS slow. but it’s OK. Of course, while I am writing, I don’t know what the speed will be, but I sure hope it’s fine today.

Nothing great happening for a few days. Except that I got for myself a small CD on which I have burned a few utilities and softwares. It’s still a new thing here in Nagar and my friends are pretty impressed… I think it’s just because Ahmednagar is still a small town… and not a city, as is the belief of many.

I attended the college and the tutions (something’s wrong with me!) I also studied a litle bit for my exams.

Remembered M. Missed her smile. Missed her. (Love Ya M!)

That’s it for now.


Written by hiway

February 6, 2003 at 12:52 am

Posted in computers, personal, rant

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