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Had a hectic day… Studied for the exam (which strikes in about 28 days.)

Downloaded a COM port control plugin for winamp. Made a little remote control… now I can
control winamp from anywhere in my room!!! There’s just one little problem… it is not
wireless 😦 But I must appreciate the programmer’s efforts in creating that plugin. With
just 3 buttons, I can control _almost_ all necessary functions on Winamp! (They include –
start/stop/pause/next track/prev track/vol up/vol down/forward/rewind)

Completed working on the mystery – Did Anastasia Romanova survive the massacre? The
‘solid’ answer is still not clear. But I firmly (and sadly) believe – she did not.

Yesterday I downloaded Anastasia’s photos. I now have over 100 photos of the beautiful
princess! I have also downloaded many pages of information on the Romanov family. I
studied the information presented by many people and have come to the conclusion that even
the experts are confused about what the history is… almost each account of the family
differs at some point or the other!

Although the evidences presented from (the possible impostor) Anna Anderson’s side are
compelling enough, my heart is not ready to accept that Anna was Anastasia. If she really
was Anastasia, I can only apologise for not being able to make good decisions. So whether
Anna was Anastasia is a question that still remains… all I have to say now is that we
must learn a few good things from her life – we cannot take anything for granted – the
changes that occur in our lives are not always controllable – no matter what our position
is, no matter who we are. Another fact that I have found common in all accounts is that
the family was in prayer all of the time – it reminds us to keep the faith in God
Almighty. One more thing – even during their captivity, the parents took good care of
their children – amongst other things, they continued their children’s education by taking
up the job of teaching themselves.

The photos reveal many facts, one which I observed most is that the family was closely
knit and loving in nature… one cannot fake the emotions in so many photographs.

(Coming back to present…)
I really wish that we learn to live in harmony with each other. And stop the bloodshed
that we are getting to see almost everyday.

The war-mood is really depressing me. I cannot look into the future and imagine a good
position for me – working, earning, living happily. All I can see is devastation – lots of
it. Probably I will be dead by the time I should be starting my business or job!
(Hey I am not a pessimistic… it’s just a thought that came to my mind – because if my
country is dragged into a war, I will fight for it’s cause – and can only hope that I
return home someday)

Anyway, have to keep studying (like Ana) and hope and pray that I can live a complete and
fulfilling life. I just hope that I will be able to read this fifty years later and laugh
at my imagination!!

May God Bless Everyone. Especially my Parents, Brother and M – my love.

P.S. Did I tell you that Ana’s photos remind me of M all of the time? The stories of
Ana’s mischief remind me of my time with M in school.

Note: Ana is how Anastasia was mostly known and Anna is Anna Anderson’s first name.


Written by hiway

February 21, 2003 at 1:06 am

Posted in computers, personal, rant

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