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Got some new stuff for my electronics experiments. Metamorphosed a few LEDs into DEDs (Dark Emitting Diodes) by giving them a raise (in voltage).

Although I did not visit the college today, I did visit our Statistics Teacher… Mrs. Godbole. Discussed a few things with her and got some good advice.

Finally decided that the BSCS project will be run on a personal basis instead of forming a close team. Ashutosh and Joy were informed accordingly. So that means I will be developing my content seperately and putting it up on my site… similarly Joy and Ashu will develop their content and deploy it on their sites. But there's one thing – we will be interlinking our websites so that if one of us gets a visitor, the other two have a good chance of capturing attention.

Princess Ana is all I can think of. The project has started off, a bit slowly though. I have been using my organizer to type in as many sentence patterns as possible. Later I will be adding them to the database along with the valid responses and mood change etc.

Electronics, it comes into my mind whenever I am not on my comp or the organizer! That is a rare time, but I use it. So now I have a complete remote control for Winamp using the “COM-Port Winamp Control” plugin and an old video game's joypad. It's cool to be able to start/pause/stop/fwd/rev/control volume and all the stuff right from my cozy bed!

Another development on the Electronics front: as said, I got some components, I'll be using them to form a access control system for my room! I have already deployed a door status monitor – an app in VB which monitors the (second) COM port for signals from a tiny switch connected to the door and shows a little icon in the system tray. It also logs the date and time and status of the door when it's status changes. It will help me to monitor when is the door opened and closed (when I am not in the room). I will also be able to monitor any trends in the usage of the door. Depending on that data, I might be able to devise an algorithm which suggests opening or closing the door at calculated times. Example: I open the door in the evening to let in the cool air, then in the midnight I close it before I sleep. So if I forget it sometimes, the software can remind me of my habits!

As for the studies, well it's just been two since exams have finished… so I won't be touching the books for another two or three days.

My website had logged more than 1690 hits by now! Well, to tell the truth, I had uploaded the database from my offline-development site… and that was offset by about 5 to 6 hundred hits, which means that the hits are a bit less that counted, but I have not counted the previous year's counts in it – so let's hope the whole matter solves itself by adjusting the extra hits in the previous year's uncounted hits. (“Previous year” does not actually mean that my website has been up for a year – it's been just a few months.. I am talking about year 2002 here.)

Okay, time to wind up and connect to the net and upload the blog and check my mails. I hope I get connected this time because I had been trying half an hour ago but it was all in vain!

Let's see what happens…


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April 3, 2003 at 12:36 am

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