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Well, here is one excerpt from a chat session in SDF… a fine example of American Commerce.

Log from: 12 June 2003

[crizza]   hiyall 
[crizza]   i got cookies 
[crizza]   choc chip 
[int80h]   share them or else! 
[crizza]   heh 
[data]     let's see.. 
[crizza]   mine 
[crizza]   lol 
<data shakes crizza>
[crizza]   oh okay then 
<crizza offers them round>
<int80h shakes crizza down for his cookies>
[data]     mmmm crunchy 
<copocoto munches in the corner>
[data]     thanks 
[crizza]   ur welcome 
<int80h takes all the cookies and sells them for a dollar each>
[crizza]   hey 
[crizza]   i got a dollar int 
[copocoto] ;) 
<crizza offers a dollar for 1 cookie>
<int80h sells his cookies>
<crizza thinks about the last transaction with int...>
<data is wondering what happened to the free country>
[int80h]   and thus we play out how america got so rich 
[crizza]   lol 
[data]     haha 
<crizza is wondering what happened to his cookies>
[int80h]   crizza had cookies, I did my duty as an american and 
           stole them...and sold them back to him. 
[crizza]   thats commerce ;) dont ya just love it?

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June 18, 2003 at 11:21 pm

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