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Hmm… how should I put this? I have mentioned M as my love in so many places… but is she? It’s not like that I hate her… hey I still like her just as much as I liked her all these days. it’s just that I’m getting to grips with my studies.

Currently my first concern is studies. Infact, I am not writing this before taking any decision and acting on it – this comes after 2 months of the successful implementation of the decision. No problems till now and none will come later either.

I am feeling so much more interested in studies 😉 Just forget about my having interest in a beautiful and intelligent girl. I’m better off with having to handle my life for now. It keeps me busy enough already.

Yes, I liked her. Yes I was thinking of her most of the times… and I still do. I have only decided to keep the thoughts away for sometime – and that ‘sometime’ is indefinite. Let’s see if and when I get to revert back 😉

Till then, I’ll be cool, you be cool.


Written by hiway

July 12, 2003 at 2:37 am

Posted in diary, personal, rant

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