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Dear Friend

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Keep writing 'bout your happiness, your pains and sorrows,
We are reading yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Know that you have nothing to fear,
When there are our wishes and our care;

To back you up, should you ever fall,
To rush to you, if you give a call.

A small poem we write for you,
Just to make you fell good too 🙂

Hashu (on behalf of all your buddies),
(31 March 2004, 3:30 AM)

[written for Bill (anime) “be well buddy!” ]


Written by hiway

March 31, 2004 at 3:41 am

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“Wow! You are such an intelligent person! You beat everyone in the exams and got 97 percent marks!!” are the words used to congratulate my colleague who always scores highest in our class 🙂 I never feel jealous because I know very well, I am a bad performer when it comes to test of intelligence.

So how do they test intelligence here?

They make us study from textbooks for six months, then check how much we can recall word to word from the textbooks. Pretty simple eh? *sigh*

No offence to this specific student who tops, because more than half of our “Computer Science” class is outright pathetic when it comes to practicals.

It's the second year's final examination in computer practical and one guy comes up to me and asks… I can't open TC [*1] on this computer, something is wrong! So I sneak upto his computer to see what's wrong to find that he is working on “D:\>” instead of “C:\>” and hence can't access the directory “C:\tc\bin”. And just as if that wasn't enough, one of the toppers asks me if I can help in printing the assignments!

At least we don't have Linux to study as we had last year. If anyone lives nearby Ahmednagar College, please walk down to the Computer Science department and ask any person a few questions regarding Linux or UNIX, yes including the staff!! And do call an ambulance for yourself because you might just suffer from a heart attack. 😉

Oh! And did I forget to tell you that regarding databases, a “pipeline” is “something that facilitates faster execution of queries”. No more explanation required! Like we are some computer gurus!!

Oh! Oh! And I was scolded by the staff because I wanted to carry a 4 x 4 inch paper with me while giving a seminar on “Viruses, Worms & Trojans”. All that was written on the paper were a few small headings on the topics I was supposed to speak on – only to help me keep myself on track.

Oh! Oh! Oh! And I had to get my dad's help to save my marks because my highly intelligent staff objected my asking questions like “So what comes to your mind when you think of Computer Viruses?” or “What are your doubts regarding Worms? We can discuss in depth on a few.” and were gossiping about reducing my marks with other students (who are well known for gossiping). Now the first thing that hurt me was that these people don't even know what “Interactive Method of conducting a Seminar” is. What hurt me deep is that instead of telling ME that MY marks had been cut by their stupid assumptions, they were talking to some OTHER people about MY marks. Why? Am I dead? Am I deaf? Or are they afraid I'll challenge them right there?? &^$#$&^

Why should I not be angry with them?

So in the end, I am NOT intelligent. I am just a sub-normal guy with a little creativity (which is being wasted on writing this stuff). Well I am sub-normal because my Marksheets says so. My intelligence is not measured in what I can do with what I have, but what I can remember and do with what I don't have (books are not allowed in the exams.) And as if someone did not want me to ever stop writing… these people CHEAT LIKE HELL!! Even most of the top scorers! Shame on you bastards! You will live a long life and die a slooow death, suffering for just as many days as your untruthful marks. God bless you with abundant life! Let your intelligence live long, while my poor ol' creativity will live like a flash, quick to come quick to go!

I wonder if anyone will ever even remember me 🙂

[*1] TC.. the _only_ C compiler + IDE our class knows of – Borland Turbo C. Every time I mention GCC (for example) they go “huh?”. Wonder how they manage to remember whole textbooks if they can't remember 3 characters that I utter every time!

P.S. Can anyone just come over and see how many software packages in our lab are pirated? (And there's a blog coming up on THAT topic tomorrow 🙂

Written by hiway

March 30, 2004 at 11:17 pm

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Uh Oh

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Now that is what I call laziness.

Slept at 9 in the night… just to wake up at 11 and get online. And forgot to keep the keys of the main house with me. Now I'm locked outside!

Yeah there's my room, but no food!!! No midnight snack!!!

Even my cat Mannu is hungry.. we're both sitting, waiting for morning when It'll be okay to wake up my parents to get in X)

Written by hiway

March 30, 2004 at 4:05 am

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So again I sit back at the computer, SDF's window open right beside LogJam's… also the #pragma window is visible… I'm chatting with my regular friends and simultaneously typing away into my journal.

C'mon shout it out loud!! “What a loser!”. LOUDER!!

Heh, I have been advised by many to “get a life”, but none of them gave me the right URL!

Hrm, I have a nice life, I study full time, I learn about computers and I have real friends! Yeah, beat that. I also have the facility to get a job as and when I need it… it's my skills – I thank God for that. I can earn whenever I am low on funds.. other times I can just carry on with my hobbies – photography, traveling and at times cooking. Of course, computers, wires, circuits and components are a daily thing for me…

Anyway, I have a life that I must tend to.. so here's the end.

Written by hiway

March 30, 2004 at 12:50 am

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About My Education

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My Exams start from 2nd April.

That means not even a week's time left at hand.. and I am still BAD at math as ever!

I wonder when I'll get the time to sit and study mathematics to my heart's content. I like math, but I am so bad at the basics, that learning the more complex things becomes difficult.

I really wish people understand why it is necessary to have highly experienced teachers at the primary and secondary level, same case with the first and second years of degree. Oh, and I really hate to say this, but yes, my teachers are nothing more than some business people trying to make money out of our need to attend the course. The companies need to see some qualification, the colleges provide it. And we are the people who run around the whole time, getting kicked for nothing.

One most important reason why I find my teachers dislike me is that I have at many times surpassed their knowledge. I feel more ashamed than proud of myself. Why did I choose to go to this college? Wait! Almost all colleges in my city are same! Others are even worse!! How about some other city… friend's experiences say it's the same… other state.. same. Other country?? *sigh* same. Incompetent teachers are like a plague that is eating our human race alive!!

Naah, this is not anything serious. Right? And that I am just another man complaining about the education system. I have reasons to speak. I don't just blame, I am trying to suggest solutions to these problems. Oh! Wait!! I am just a student! How can I suggest the teachers?

Anyway, I'll try not to finish off this argument here.. there's a lot of things I want to talk about…. when I write later.

Till then, I'll just go and try to study… which actually simply means trying to remember the things that I will never have to… mugging up the source code for programs… mugging up SQL queries… mugging up math formulas… all these things can be solved in no time with a reference book or two, and with the Internet at hand, even that is not necessary. Why not give us 1 day – 8 hours in the computer lab… and a different program for each person… and make us design the database (if required), implement the data structures and write a bug free program in 8 hours flat. THAT will show how good programmers we are. I dare you, stop being sissy girls asking us to write the program on paper… there's not time to do that in real world!!! And nobody should have to mug up a whole programming language for God's sake!!

This argument is also being preserved for a sequel.

That's all for today. It's almost 5:30 in the morning… so It means I should sleep.

Written by hiway

March 29, 2004 at 5:23 am

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From Spam to Fickle

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Today's Fantasy: If only I could convert the SPAM I receive into some form of energy… I would have run my computer off SPAM!! It would be such a pleasant sight to see lots of spam falling into my inbox!!

Well, not the spam, but the real waste can be used…. and we should make serious efforts towards it. Or cleaner sources of energy like the sun, wind and water.

It's a pathetic situation around my city… there's a project for harvesting wind energy. And one person has a lot of share in it. Now I do not know or care if the person is good or bad, but his rivals are after shutting down the project under the reasons that “rainfall has reduced since the implementation of the project” and that “the project reduces the force of the wind”. There were many articles in the newspapers and few people demonstrated against the project.

And to top it all, people are actually believing this!!! I hate being a member of such a fickle minded population. Not even a little common sense is used! How can windmills ever slow down the air? Okay, if that is so… then why don't the mountains and trees and the tall buildings slow down the wind??

Blah! So much for being in the tech-savvy India!

Written by hiway

March 29, 2004 at 2:43 am

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At last I got a Live Journal

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A few years ago, when I was looking for a Live Journal “Invitation”, I got nobody to let me in :/

Today I just asked anime (my friend on SDF) whether he had a spare left.. he gave me this pleasant surprise!! LiveJournal no longer asks for the Invitations.. anyone can join…

So it's just about 20 minutes since I got this news and I'm pretty much excited about it 🙂

For the curious: I had not given up on blogging when I did not get space here.. my old blog still exists at

Written by hiway

March 25, 2004 at 3:46 am

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