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My Exams start from 2nd April.

That means not even a week's time left at hand.. and I am still BAD at math as ever!

I wonder when I'll get the time to sit and study mathematics to my heart's content. I like math, but I am so bad at the basics, that learning the more complex things becomes difficult.

I really wish people understand why it is necessary to have highly experienced teachers at the primary and secondary level, same case with the first and second years of degree. Oh, and I really hate to say this, but yes, my teachers are nothing more than some business people trying to make money out of our need to attend the course. The companies need to see some qualification, the colleges provide it. And we are the people who run around the whole time, getting kicked for nothing.

One most important reason why I find my teachers dislike me is that I have at many times surpassed their knowledge. I feel more ashamed than proud of myself. Why did I choose to go to this college? Wait! Almost all colleges in my city are same! Others are even worse!! How about some other city… friend's experiences say it's the same… other state.. same. Other country?? *sigh* same. Incompetent teachers are like a plague that is eating our human race alive!!

Naah, this is not anything serious. Right? And that I am just another man complaining about the education system. I have reasons to speak. I don't just blame, I am trying to suggest solutions to these problems. Oh! Wait!! I am just a student! How can I suggest the teachers?

Anyway, I'll try not to finish off this argument here.. there's a lot of things I want to talk about…. when I write later.

Till then, I'll just go and try to study… which actually simply means trying to remember the things that I will never have to… mugging up the source code for programs… mugging up SQL queries… mugging up math formulas… all these things can be solved in no time with a reference book or two, and with the Internet at hand, even that is not necessary. Why not give us 1 day – 8 hours in the computer lab… and a different program for each person… and make us design the database (if required), implement the data structures and write a bug free program in 8 hours flat. THAT will show how good programmers we are. I dare you, stop being sissy girls asking us to write the program on paper… there's not time to do that in real world!!! And nobody should have to mug up a whole programming language for God's sake!!

This argument is also being preserved for a sequel.

That's all for today. It's almost 5:30 in the morning… so It means I should sleep.


Written by hiway

March 29, 2004 at 5:23 am

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