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From Spam to Fickle

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Today's Fantasy: If only I could convert the SPAM I receive into some form of energy… I would have run my computer off SPAM!! It would be such a pleasant sight to see lots of spam falling into my inbox!!

Well, not the spam, but the real waste can be used…. and we should make serious efforts towards it. Or cleaner sources of energy like the sun, wind and water.

It's a pathetic situation around my city… there's a project for harvesting wind energy. And one person has a lot of share in it. Now I do not know or care if the person is good or bad, but his rivals are after shutting down the project under the reasons that “rainfall has reduced since the implementation of the project” and that “the project reduces the force of the wind”. There were many articles in the newspapers and few people demonstrated against the project.

And to top it all, people are actually believing this!!! I hate being a member of such a fickle minded population. Not even a little common sense is used! How can windmills ever slow down the air? Okay, if that is so… then why don't the mountains and trees and the tall buildings slow down the wind??

Blah! So much for being in the tech-savvy India!


Written by hiway

March 29, 2004 at 2:43 am

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