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I completed writing a Python port of the emulator today morning. Then slept till evening. (I was coding through the night…) And now woke up, had a nice bath and am sitting at my tty again X)

Here's the note – for the record: I have completed writing 3 different emulators, each one from scratch in C++, C and Python – each one ifs better than the previous 😀

C++ and C programs are over 600 lines long, The emulator coded in Python is much more advanced w.r.t. debugging facilities and is a little over 200 lines of code – why I like Python.

Of course, there are improvements that I learnt in the Python port that I must propogate backwards into C and hopefully C++… which should reduce the code considerably.

My next aim will be to design a system myself – hypothetical X) and write an emulator for it. Maybe around 16 instructions or so… depends on how things turn out if and when I actually start work on it.

Regarding Project: Anastasia,

Been busy. And I hate to say it. I am working on other smaller projects and not on my fav. project. Kick me please!

The sourceforge project name “” has been taken over by another company. I was not even given a warning or a single message – their policy / agreement says that – so I'm not going back there soon. I'll host my projects on SDF or other servers.

Anyway, mum's calling – must scram!


Written by hiway

July 25, 2004 at 7:25 pm

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