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Pointers in SmaCKEm – Python

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This morning, after pulling an all-nighter, while in a very very sleepy condition (I was actually closing my eyes and sitting still in between bursts of small coding sessions!) I wrote a small hack for SMaCKEm – Python implementation… use of pointers 😀

01 10201
02 2101
03 7102
04 1102
05 -2101
06 2102
07 1101
08 301
09 2101
10 1102
11 4010
12 6201
13 53
15 9

The above program lets you input a program – LIVE – loads it up begining from a specific address (201) and then, after you enter a HALT statement (9), program execution automatically jumps to YOUR NEW PROGRAM!!

X) 15 instructions of total fun!!

But for it to work properly, you have to enable the hack mode..

$ python -e -f

The Python Source Code is available on



Written by hiway

July 26, 2004 at 5:34 pm

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