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They show a bright world in front of you. They promise a better future for you. They tell you, if you don't come to us, you won't be able to live!! And they mean business.

They have big plans all chalked out. They have different centres all catering to your 'needs' and making your lives complete.

They control a good deal of your lives! You respect them, whether you like it or not. You bow and wish a good-day to every business person passing your way. It's the only business where the business make you bake the cake and they eat it, and charge you for the whole process. If you bake the cake wrong, it's all your fault.. and it you are good – it's all their magic that helped you do the things right.

They are your educators! Pardon me, but yes I am talking about the teachers. A very big subset of the teachers / professors in the whole world are not worth being called what they like to be called – “Sir / Madam”.

How many times has it occured to you – every 'bright' student is sorounded by teachers saying “He's my student! I taught him everything he knows!” and how many 'dull' students have you seen sorrounded by teachers saying – “He's my student.. and I'm making sure that he learns here…”

I have sadly seen incidents countable on one hand in the past 10 years. Which is less than 5 such teachers who really take their responsibility seriously.

And have you ever been allowed to sit in the class without paying the fees? You _have_ to pay the fees, then why don't they teachers _have_ to deliver knowledge to everyone? It's their business… you are the customer… it's not the age when teachers were noble and knowledgeable people and they taught because they liked to. Today many teachers are failures in all other walks of life – they wanted to be engineers, doctors and scientists – could not make, became teachers.. now all they care for is their pay – your money.

The reason why I wrte is simple – when I ask that I be taught the subject as deep as the syllabus says it – I get a “You should do it yourself” and when I make a nice project for an exibition, the teachers want to say “I taught him all that”. That is One reason why I did not participate in the Computer Science Dept. Exibition last year.. another reason – they refused to give me a piece of paper saying that “This student has participated in such and such exibition and has presented such and such project” saying that “we don't have certificates to waste”. If I am not going to the college for cerificates and a degree, then why am I going there?

They have not taught me a single new thing in the last 2 and half years. And they also refuse to give me certificates for what I've learnt almost fully on my own. The only help I get is the vast library on the Internet and my (onine) friends from various countries and walks of life…

Thank you pals!

Think I'm much more cheerful now 🙂 I'll stop writing here. And as far as the bizness of education is concerned… I'll see to it when I'm ready to do some thrashing, and apply some disruptive technology in the market… till then, I'm just a plain old student, saying good morning to his teachers, whether they are really good or 4$$#0135.


Written by hiway

July 31, 2004 at 12:52 am

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