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No Internet

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Phone Line Broken.

Problems Connecting.

No Job = No Extra Money = No Alternative.

I'm still waiting for that job position to open up … they too were waiting for their Internet connection to start up. I am supposed to work as a supervisor at the Internet access center. Hopefully earning enough to have a CDMA (wireless) sort-of broadband dialup thingie. upto 115 Kbps.

Hope it starts soon, and that I get paid soon 🙂 My Hopes are high!

Anyway, if you don't see me online for longer times, don't worry… If i die, (tonight) I will make it sure that the news comes to you soon :p

Good luck everyone, and have nice days 🙂 I'll keep posting whenever I can.. hopefully I may get the Internet connection back up within a week or sooner.


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August 26, 2004 at 7:39 pm

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Bad times…

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As typed into COM on SDF 🙂

[data] i was damn f*ing angry and irritated yesterday 🙂 i broke 3 floppies and almost destroyed all data on my hard disk :(… i want JUST ONE FLOPPY to boot that old 486, i had one, one more was needed.. and when after 3 hours of searching in the midle of the night i got one, the first one went bust. then i tried some other tricks, all failed :/ yesterday was not my day

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August 23, 2004 at 11:15 pm

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I want that!!!!!

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Watch with walkie talkie Function:
Introduces first time in india by ojjas
22 Frs/ Gmrs channel
Upto 2.5 mile range in open field area
Auto squitech
Lithium ion battery source
Internal vox
Channel scan
Back light LCD display

Who's willing to gift that to me!! HAHA My birthday is on 1st september! 🙂
alright, I'm kidding, but I really would have loved to have that. 🙂 A pair, of course! for me and my brother.

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August 22, 2004 at 2:18 am

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Expectations and Hopes.. continuted…

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May I say “WHOA”?

Not only did I get what I expected, I got more!!! (read yesterday's post please 😉

So I got a complete 486 Motherboard, with all peripherals required to get it working… AND I got a Intel 810 based P=II, P-III motherboard too 🙂

I will be attempting to upgrade my own computer from the 440 BX chipset to the 810 chipset based motherboard, that also means, I'll be able to the full 40 GB of my hard disc instead of the current 32 GB due to the limitations of my motherboard. 🙂

Le's see how things turn out.

Regarding the 486, it's a Overdrive – 100 MHz machine. Boots okay, but does not recognize my current machine's floppy drive 😦 add to the complication – it's own FDD does not work properly. alright, no problems… I have an extra hard disk – the one used for backups, iI'm taking a few important files back on the main disk (from where they were erased for saving space) and will attempt a FreeBSD install within an hour or less… the idea is to use cheetah (my current computer) for doing the installation part, then lug in the dick to panther (the 486) and see if it works, or else i'm going to have to find other sources…

the CD-ROM does not seem to boot on it either – that even reduces any chances of using any removable drives. and the lack of ethernet card worsens tha situation X) damn, this is going to be a challenge 🙂

wish me luck!! Here I come FreeBSD!!!

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August 21, 2004 at 12:32 am

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We hope for so many things… objects, words, feelings. And when our hopes, or rather expectations are not met, we feel saddened.

One of my life's big lessons was to expect less, and be disappointed less 🙂

Alright, enough rants, I'm hoping I finally get to use that 486 that has been lying around since my uncle gifted it to me! He's coming here tomorrow, from Mumbai, and I expect him to bring that replacement motherboard 🙂

And I won't be disappointed if he forgets it or has logistical problems getting it here 😉 But I'll be very glad to have another computer (third) to play with.

Let's Hope!!!

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August 20, 2004 at 3:48 am

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No escape from fun :)

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It's 12:17 AM of 18th August…

Yesterday, I slept at 05:30 AM (17th August) only to be woken up at 07:30 AM by Dad. The trip that was cancelled, was, well… rescheduled, Mum was going to attend that meeting and I was supposed to drive – all within 1 hour.

The trip was to Spiritual Life Center, Nasrapur in the District of Pune. It's about a little less than 200 Kilometers from my place. We started at about 8:30 AM – as per the schedule, reached the Center by 12:45 PM. Mum went to attenf her meeting, I went on a Photography Spree + Trekking Adventure 😛

The photographs are yet to be uploaded on the server, hence no links at the moment. But let me assure you, the scenes I saw were magnificent!! Much more beautiful and vast than what I could fit in the frames. The sheer amount of water that I saw today was something that I had been missing for last 3 or 4 years!!! Yes! It has really rained heavily! And yes! The dry spell is finally broken!

This is my first hand witness of the fact that rivers are actually flooding, which were totally dry till two months ago.

Other than that, while coming back; on the road, there was a small traffic jam due to the road-construction work that's going on. The people are working day and night to get the road done soon. But almost 60 km stretch of road from Saradwadi to Pune is dug up, diverted through make shift roads and is so miserable, that 30 kmph is the maximum speed you can get, while the other 60 km road (from Ahmednagar to Saradwadi) is fairly good and speeds upto 80-90 kmph are attainable. The traffic jam was interesting – I actually saw somebody else doing what I usually do – get down on the road and stop vehicles leaving their lane and blocking the oncoming traffic.

For those who find it a bit surprising, we have mostly only one big road – no dividers are used. On this new road, we will be having the dividers, but at this moment, mostly only one side of the road is available – because the other side is being constructed.

I too helped the people stop people who in a hurry, all drive up to the obstacle and all try to squeeze in – complicating the problem manifold. But today (unlike one experience in Katraj Ghat) most people cooperated and many were volunteering to keep the road for oncoming traffic clear, and so the jam was solved within 10 minutes and we were on the way! Heh, one guy took it too seriously – he was standing with a bamboo stick in his hand in the middle of the road, not even allowing motor cycles 🙂 he did a really good job today!

Mum and I had dinner at Saradwadi and got Pritam's and dad's fav. dishes from that hotel (Shivkrupa) packed and directly stopped at home – 10:45 PM. Then had dinner and chit chat… shoed the pics I took at Nasrapur. I am also assigned the task to prepare a brochure for the Center, and later also a website.

It's super mega late now. I have driven nearly 400 kilometers of bad roads, with only 2 hours of sleep plus a 1 hour nap at Nasrapur (that I grabbed after lunch) to support me. I am sure I have exhausted my quota for adventure today. Good Night.

Personal Notes:
– Sushil Kaka's daughter, Joyita had a small appendix operation today. She is well.
– Got the battery for my Timex Expedition watch replaced – at last, after whole 6 months! I was missing it 🙂

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August 18, 2004 at 12:47 am

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I need to read up on this one… fast.

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August 17, 2004 at 2:50 am

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