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Here's Me, Myself and My Cat

A few days ago, on the college campus, I saw these dogs playing… at least somebody's enjoying the time on the campus X) A glimpse of the Happy Days…

And the bad bad roads…

The Road to Broken Spine (1)

The Road to Broken Spine (2)

I wonder why people don't sue the government because, due to this condition of the roads, 3 of the people I know have already got trouble with their spines… spondilysis if i recall the name correctly.

The bad roads, and the worse speed-breakers (bumps on the road to slow down vehicles) are causing a major rise in the incidents of people compaining of back ache and literally pain-in-the-neck.

I'll photograph them sometime to show what I mean X)


Written by hiway

August 1, 2004 at 11:52 am

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