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There must be some way of having streaming compressed archives… so you can download a part and view whatever files have been downloaded fully before the complete archive is downloaded… similarly, you could download middle portion (assuming you know where the files you want are) and open it up too…

So you could actually choose what you want from one archive (starting and ending byte), but it could be passed on to you without any 'opening up' of any sort 🙂

so the links to the web server could be like this – “<a href=”mypowerfuldownloader.cgi?start=347&end=2345″>Get Only The Files You Want!!</a>” and the cgi could send over only the part that is requested.

Wel, now suppose you did not get the begining address -quite_ right.. but included a few bytes of the previous file… the software at your computer would silently neglect that. same goes for trailing garbage at the end of the part… but whatever is in between, whatever is complete – it will be retrieved easily.

This should not be a _very_ dificult task IMHO. Maybe it already exists and I'm unaware of it.. but if it doesn't… why not build it? (and if you decide to di it, please do give me some credit for the idea X)

Hrm… the effect of rain on my brain.

It's been raining since all night, and I'm feeling creative!!


Written by hiway

August 3, 2004 at 9:12 am

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