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Congratulations! You passed with a score of 3.34. You have now earned a Brainbench certification in Technical Writing, which is valid for 3 years from today's date.

Allow me to boast a little… please 🙂

Transcript ID#: 4127123

A total of 12 Certs 🙂 all given under circumstances like – just got up, saw the email that the tests were free for another 4 days… gave a try immediately. Slept at 8 PM, woke up at 11 PM, gave tests through the night till 10 AM. (the first day, see that a few tests are all given on a single day.) Next day, similar feat 🙂

Except for the C programming language test, all others were totally _unprepared for_ … just gave them ad hoc, as they came to me – as I scrolled through the list and thought.. “hmm.. how about giving this test?”

That does mean, that I can be MUCH better at any of these fields if I am informed beforehand – “you have to work with so and so technology in one week.” 🙂

So I'm hoping that if you are an employer, keep me in mind 🙂 I'd like to work with a good company when I finish the (compulsory) education. 😀 Since I have been told that employers see only the “degree” and not such certs… :-/ (you know what degree I'm getting – read a few previous blogs if you have missed the fun X)


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August 4, 2004 at 6:58 am

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