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The Times of India, Pune Edition,

In response to the article: “Dhananjoy's mercy plea rejected”, published on the cover page in The Times of India (Pune Edition), August 5, 2004.

The article mentions that Dhananjoy Chatterjee was sentenced to death on August 12, 1991. Yet in 2004 he still lives. Moreover, well known people like Aparna Sen and Mahasweta Devi want to see capital punishment abolished! In fact I would like to thank the President for taking a hard but good decision. The plea was rejected for the second time.

Mahasweta Devi asks “But tell me, after Dhananjoy's execution was announced, has the incidence of rape and crimes against women gone down,”. I'd like to remind the lady that if the criminals are unpunished even after more than 12 years, who is going to fear the law? In fact capital punishment should be firm and fast – if a person is found guilty of crimes like rape and murder, the person should not see one day beyond 7 days after the punishment is announced. And whosoever wishes to try and stop the law's working, should be ready to face jail for some amount of time.

I respect the view that human life is valuable – here's a hint – why not help those who are not criminals but are simply dying of hunger or lack of basic necessities? This news article simply brings forward one thing to me – the two ladies probably are more interested in publicity than any good work. I am sad that we let the helpless die and spend time in saving the criminals.

It is not that Dhananjoy killed the 14 year old girl to save his own life from her. He raped her and killed her. I wonder if the two ladies would like to save the criminal if he had committed the same crime against their daughters or relatives.

Things change when danger gets close to home. A person who says that the police don't work and are corrupt runs to the police station at the first moment he sees that the house is ransacked.

Another thing that I'd like to put in front of all my fellow citizens is that say, for a moment we suppose that capital punishment is abolished. Who is going to pay for the thousands of criminals who live in the jail and must be fed and provided basic necessities… I am certainly not willing to pay for someone who has robbed, raped or murdered my fellow citizen!

Maybe we should let such 'Social Workers' as Mahasweta Devi sponsor the criminals, or better yet, let the criminals stay at these people's homes for a change! I am sure they would be glad to see more people alive and happy.

I again reiterate, human life is important, but we have to take the hard decision of letting the criminals go. The have caused enough trouble already. And when there is proof of selfish crimes, I think nobody should give it a second thought.

I'd like to ask this question, that in case capital punishmet is abolished, and like usual, the 'social workers' keep concentrating of making criminal's lives better, in such scenario, if a person is dying of hunger, should the person go and murder somebody so that s/he simply goes to jail, and the question of food, shelter and clothing is solved forever?

I'd like to hear from the 'social workers' regarding the last question.


Harshad Sharma

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August 5, 2004 at 12:08 pm

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