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If you cloned me…

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…you'd probably get somebody else.

I am what I am, because of what I have been through. Good times, bad times, friends, backstabbers, people who taught me, teachers who didn't, the whole world has had an influence on me – in the specific timeliine. It is impossible to turn back time and put my clone back into the very same place where I once was.

So this is my note for anyone in the future, who out of curiosity, love or just for sheer fun would like to create my clone. Don't do that. Because you will definitely end up getting a new individual who might look 100% like me, might have the same exact voice, but I bet the speaking style will be different, the way of thinking will be different, the concepts will be different – you _will_ get a totally new person.

Of course! I know I'm not that important to that somebody would even thhink of cloning me X) but I hope this example is understood and people avoid the temptation of cloning their loved ones.

Instead, I like the idea of cloning pets, they can be given much the same environment, maybe even better environment than whhat the previous pet had and the legacy of a good pet can live on for years. You could have your best sheep cloned to give the maximum wool or the best, disease resisting cows cloned for their milk… each one will be a total individual, just with very similar physical characteristics. That, to me, sounds feasible and acceptable.

People on the other hand think too much (take for example the person writing this little note) and have a lot of issues with other people being just the same as themselves. Animals should have less trouble adjusting.

Of course, there are a lot of viewpoints and a lot of factors that one can argue on, regarding this topic, but I'm not in a mood to argue. I just thought of typing in this because Ii read an article in The Times of India a day or two ago that cloning the pets will be commercially poossible soon. Here's the route of my throught-train, edited for clarity.

If I happen to write down everything that comes to my mind, not even I will be able to read it back, let alone anyone else X-) I wonder how my clone would write this article :-p


Written by hiway

August 11, 2004 at 5:26 pm

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