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Driving all day in the rain is a day well spent…

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Finally got a proper headset… big speakers and a decent microphone. Enjoying the music right now as I type 🙂 Feels sooo much better :p

Actually, I should had got the headset a long time ago, but the prices were too high, and I'm just a student after all. Things will definitely change once I get a decent job. 😉

Anyway, the whole day was enjoyable – it was raining till noon, and al over the road. Of Course!! I was on road once again… burning rubber. Actually, the roads are still not very good, and rains add to the problems, hence more rubber is wasted on every trip than is usually required X)

But the trip to Pune was ( ) not at all boring, I enjoyed the rains and driving in the rains 🙂 Also visited the Pune University's gardens (dad had some work in the Uni, mum, Pritam and myself decided to take a walk around.

Since we have been there before, we knew where to hunt for some good photographs but also found a few new places 🙂 I'll post the pics soon.

Then we went to the camp area (yesh, the place where many military institutions are, but it's also a big marketplace now… so you know where we had been – to the market. 😉 Pritam decided to buy tee shirts for himself, I decided to buy a headset. I came back to the parking area and took some rest while Mum and Pitu went hunting for one book and Dad finished his (another) meeting. Then a short stop at Dorabjee's (a nice supermarket) and we headed back home.

Drove almost nonstop for 3 and a half or so hours, was tiring, but the nice cool weather made it enjoyable nevertheless. Then some eating, prayers and some listening to music…

I had kept the computer running because it had already got an uptime of 5 days (something rare – usually after 3 days uptime, i have to restart because of electricity failure) but on coming back I noticed that I had been a little hasty and had put the computer in single user mode but it hung when going multi user back again… I was excited to test the headset.. so a hard restart (something extremely extremely rare for a FreeBSD machine) and I was back in biznach 🙂

I'm tired, but happy 🙂 Think I'll sleep off now!! But before I do that, I'd like to thank God for everything, my Guardian Angel for taking good care of me and to You for reading my rants 🙂

G'day or g'nite whichever applies 😉


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August 12, 2004 at 11:27 pm

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