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(22:24:57) johnsu01: They are causing the screen to scroll.
(22:25:30) myrkraverk: johnsu01: buy a non-scrolling monitor?
(22:25:41) johnsu01: datamatrix: Bad things are supposed to happen on Friday 13th, not Saturday 14th.
(22:25:49) datamatrix: hehe
(22:25:54) datamatrix: shit happens nevertheless
(22:26:16) johnsu01: I'll take the weird scrolling over the Fatal Instruction errors though.
(22:27:40) myrkraverk: there were errors in the Fatal Instructions?
(22:27:45) datamatrix: hah
(22:27:56) johnsu01: myrkraverk: Yeah, I just couldn't get them to be Fatal 😛
(22:27:59) resolve: johnsu01: they're not meant to, afaik.
(22:28:07) myrkraverk: johnsu01: that's damn annoying!
(22:28:14) johnsu01: myrkraverk: Kept getting all of these Success messages.


Written by hiway

August 14, 2004 at 10:29 pm

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