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I Absolutely Love My Computer

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Just finished cleaning 'Cheetah' – for the last whole 4 months I had not done what I do regularly X( There was hell lot of dust inside the keyboard and all over the circuits in the cpu. Now after the 'wipeout' of dust, the whole sytem looks more like the workhorse that it is.

It's usual uptimes are 3 days. Funny? Yeah, because the electricity is not supplied continuously here. today, the lights went out at 9 AM and came back at 6 PM. Most of that time, I utilized for the most important thing in life – sleeping – which sadly I usually don't indulge enough in :p

Anyway, talking about the uptime, the longest I could ever see was near about 16 or 17 days… but I can bet that if I get proper electrical supply, my little beast can easily run for 60+ days without suffering any glitches.

Some people know it's configuration well (I talk about it many times)… it's a 333 MegaYeehaw Pentium II processor based machine with 128 + 64 MB RAM and one 32 GB & one 4 GB Hard Disk. The 4 GB HDD is used for backups and is usually not mounted. It is also easily detachable – the cpu stands nekkid (no cover) and the screws from that one HDD are omitted. It's a simple 'turn off, pull wires, grab disk and run' process in case of an emergency X)

Other purpose the no-cover serves is that the processor never heats up. I have run the computer 24×7 under ambient temperatures more than 40 Degrees Celcius (~105F+). That is under the circumstances where I was about to heat up and melt, but the computer kept running.

It also has dual soundcards, the old ISA card is now used to amplify signal from the newer PCI card for the original set of desktop speakers. Also two more seperate amplifiers are used to amplify for rear speakers and two woofers. Optionally, instead of the (front) desktop speakers, I plug in the new Headset that I recently got. I guess my little room is technologically quite advanced if you compare with others in the same town 😀

Cheetah is connected to another computer 'Jaguar' via a really long LAN cable. The length itself renders the 100BaseT option useless, hence i connect at 10 MBPS (10BaseT) even though both computers and the CAT-5 cable support 100 MBPS. The length of the cable is around 35 meters.

I am pretty satisfied with the S3 Trio3D AGP card with 4 MB onboard RAM. What? Just 4 MB! Well… I don't play games or watch movies. The keyboard and mouse have changed over the years… this is the second keyboard and probably the third mouse – in the last 6 years.

The original CD-ROM drive is now mounted in an empty cabinet with a SMPS and gifted to my brother as his little CD player. Cheetah now has a CD-RW drive and a (unused) 1.44 MB floppy drive.

One of the two USB connectors is used to plug in the Nikon CoolPix2000 Digital Camera. Other is still free! One (D-25) Serial Port is ocupied by the modem. Other (D-9) is still free, it used to connect to my Sharp YO-520 Electronic Organizer in the days when I was still using lameOS. I have another modem, but with just one phone line, it's of little use.

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) works well; for 15 minutes with the monitor on and upto 45 minutes with the monitor turned off – an option which I sometimes use to keep the uptime 😀 but the downside is, once turned off, the monitor cannot be turned on unless the power comes back on. Doing so overloads the UPS and Boom! Everything is turned off!!

Apart from that, I have a 115 column industrial strength dot matrix printer 😀 It is used on Jaguar (which still runs lameOS) to print the wrappers for a magazine. About two thousand addresses… in 7 hours flat. And without a single stop. The other printer is a HP LaserJet 6P, I like it for it's quality prints 🙂

Although these two cats, cheetah and Jaguar and another still-to-be-repaired Panther – a 486 DX computer are always at my service. The cat that I love the most is my housecat – Mannu 🙂 who is sleeping by my side as I type this.

Whoa! this is a big big post today! I think I'll go back and add a little lj-cut to it. Don't bother if you are new to that term 🙂 And don't forget to drool at my machines!! HAHA.

Hmm.. you could though put a little note about your own machine in the comments too 😉 I'd like to know what the world really runs on X) Thanks.

Written by hiway

August 14, 2004 at 9:52 pm

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