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May I say “WHOA”?

Not only did I get what I expected, I got more!!! (read yesterday's post please 😉

So I got a complete 486 Motherboard, with all peripherals required to get it working… AND I got a Intel 810 based P=II, P-III motherboard too 🙂

I will be attempting to upgrade my own computer from the 440 BX chipset to the 810 chipset based motherboard, that also means, I'll be able to the full 40 GB of my hard disc instead of the current 32 GB due to the limitations of my motherboard. 🙂

Le's see how things turn out.

Regarding the 486, it's a Overdrive – 100 MHz machine. Boots okay, but does not recognize my current machine's floppy drive 😦 add to the complication – it's own FDD does not work properly. alright, no problems… I have an extra hard disk – the one used for backups, iI'm taking a few important files back on the main disk (from where they were erased for saving space) and will attempt a FreeBSD install within an hour or less… the idea is to use cheetah (my current computer) for doing the installation part, then lug in the dick to panther (the 486) and see if it works, or else i'm going to have to find other sources…

the CD-ROM does not seem to boot on it either – that even reduces any chances of using any removable drives. and the lack of ethernet card worsens tha situation X) damn, this is going to be a challenge 🙂

wish me luck!! Here I come FreeBSD!!!


Written by hiway

August 21, 2004 at 12:32 am

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