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Tata Indicom / LG CDMA LSP-345 Modem on UNIX

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It's been less than a week since I got the new phone connection – a Wireless Local Loop (WLL) system. The LG's “LSP 345” model of CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal comes with a manual that says nothing about the in-built high speed modem. And the ISP – Tata Indicom does not talk much about it either… they “Support only Windows”… bitches.

Here's my solution to the problem…


1. The username and passwords for all people are same… “internet” which is uhm… bad. Even though they check my phone number through CLI and bill me accordingly – there are times when I just want to allow someone to use my computer but not use the Internet… what about that? How do you deal with it? (on *BSD / Linux it is not a big deal… only allow root to dial out)

2. There is no phone number which you dial to… hrm.. funky! So THAT's why the modem doesn't work right out of the box… but it has a slightly different approach… it uses a initialization command to know when to 'dial out' and connect to the ISP. Looks like a plan to lock out other ISPs from their userbase.

3. The “extra initialization command” is AT+CRM=1. What it means is not known to me, but I'd like to know πŸ™‚

Oh yes, the solution πŸ˜›

As root…

# cd /etc/ppp/
# emacs options

Then type in the following lines of text…

/dev/cuaa0 115200
crtscts         # enable hardware flow control
modem           # modem control line
connect "/usr/bin/chat -f /etc/ppp/"
noipdefault     # remote PPP server gives the IP address
passive         # wait for LCP packets
ipcp-accept-remote # accept a remote address automatically
ipcp-accept-local # accept a local address automatically
user internet
: # IP of the default gateway...
defaultroute  # make this the default route

That done, please note that the default gateway too changes every time… and is silently ignored.

# emacs

And put in


Then edit another file in the same directory…

# emacs chap-secrets

And put the following line in it…

"internet"    *    "internet"

Once that is done… make sure you have not configured any ethernet devices to be the default routers/gateways and go type

# pppd

on the root prompt.

If you have connected the modem from your CDMA phone to the correct serial port (here Com 1) and if you have done everything correctly, your modem should dial out, show that the ppp link is active and you should have Internet on your FreeBSD machine too πŸ™‚

I had fun finding out the information and using it… hope you too find it interesting!!

NOTE: If you have any suggestions, more ideas… pease leave a comment!! Thanks πŸ™‚


Written by hiway

September 10, 2004 at 9:24 am

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