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So what if my University is (almost) fully computerized… they still can’t makke decent websites.

The list of problems is long…

1. The website is made to work only with M$ Internet Exploder.
2. No error/warning messages if you use a better browser.
3. It does not allow editing a data-record in most cases – you have to delete and re-enter the full information if there is a mistake.
4. The page is programmed to reload after selecting options where the next few options depend on the current option selected. It is annoying to start typing in the next field and see everything vanish.
5. The page reloads even when there is nothing to be changed depending on the current selection – the same page is reloaded without any modifications.
6. It cannot accept certifications issued from Foreign Institutes – firstly it asks for the percentage, which is not provided in those Institutes.
7. People are expected to study in India only – the “State” field of any instute can be chosen from the list of states in India only. There is no “Other” Option.
8. Data redundancy is shocking! They ask for the same fields over and over and over and over and over again…
9. Cannot select multiple choices (like Chairman-paper-setting and chairman-examination for the same institute… ) more data redundancy!
10. There is no warning as to how many character’s limit is the maximum allowed. Even on entering more data, no warnings are generated. It can be time consuming to delete the whole record and fill it up accorting to the whims of this website.
11. The fields are clipped without warning – and they ask for “details” about things in them… what if a person details 3 such items and only one is actually recorded – is it the person’s mistake here?
12. The asthetics are so so… and it does not allow resizing fonts in it’s beloved M$ IE. I have to change the resolution of the monitor every time I use the website.
13. Most pages lack the copyright information.. that’s understandable- but they also lack the “End of Page” marker.. a line, a small graphic something to know that the page has finally loaded!

There are too many more issues, but I am tired and frustrated enough.. and I have to drive tomorrow.. so I’d better sleep.

The website is here

And to add to the pain of using such a horribly designed website… it is designed by the group that very proudly calls itself the “Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.”

I seriously wonder what knowledge do they have!!!

Down with people who know nothing and show off their “Distinction” certificates! To hell with people who look at percentage of a person in exams to determing his/her true value and knowledge. Get off my face!!!
You will suffer… I curse you because you cause me pain every day of my life.

Written by hiway

September 25, 2004 at 10:45 pm

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2 Responses

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  1. Update: at least now they show “This site will function correctly in Internet Explorer 5.0 and above” if accessed from Firefox… good to know there is improvement. Hope to see more of it.


    March 14, 2005 at 12:01 am

  2. Hi! Great site, keep up the good work! rv trader


    March 11, 2007 at 8:21 am

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