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Computer games must be rationed.

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Hold back your flames and your Nuke Guns that you are so much used to fire at opponents in those computer games.

Alrighty, now that you are in a position to read (I hope you are not trying to read from the scope of a sniper :P) I’ll go ahead…

This one is a total rant, so you may as well ignore it but it surely has some content, so you may as well just go and read it

Every time I walk up to the computer where the user seems to be engrossed in some important work I notice that it is a very well designed and “cool” game going on. Most probably you’ll also find loads of bullets being fired and heaps of bodies lying around. There’s no other entertainment like killing… eh?

I’m not against being entertained, but I sure am against overdoing entertainment to a level where you even start hitting people for fun and actually enjoy as they cringe with pain.

Other more subtle but still an important point… some people have given up the violent games and choose to build cities instead, at the cost of tens of hours on end. Of course very few people can actually use the time to make something good out of it, but I believe that even if 1 out of 100 people coul have created something good in that time, that talent is wasted. There’s nothing worse than seeing a talented person waste his/her time in trying to minimize the waste of resources in a hypothetical city.

Not yet too bad? Ah yes, I forgot some people would only feel that this is bad enough when they see blood seeping out of cracks in their monitors. Get over it people! Make yourself desensitized, but not so thick skinned that you can’t enjoy the subtle beauties of nature.

I get totally enraged at only one point… when I want to work / read my mail / listen to music on the computer and someone else is busy killing imaginary enemies and being overly excited about the super duper powerful weapons of arse destruction.

It is SICK!


Written by hiway

November 7, 2004 at 9:57 am

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