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Did a lot of researching on RSS Readers/ Aggregators today.

Tried over a dozen different applications, but I’m not able to decide on any one as yet as I am looking for an application with the following things in mind:

1. It should have a ticker mode (found one software – rdfticker, but it is not free)
2. It should be small in size – most of the softwares are 2 MB+
3. It should work standalone / without installation (found a few java apps)
4. It should read all common types of syndicated content (found a few which fit in the above constraints, but give up hope when I try to add different types of content)

Other than that, it was a great day… it’s almost time to leave and I’m thinking of making up my mind about the RSS aggregator soon. BTW, FeedThing is a good software, and it has worked well (except for “*.rdf” files) but it has been crashing on me after I added a few feeds…

Another software FeedWinder is a no-install software, but it needs a lot of configuration it seems… and doesn’t work with all content either.

Hmm… i think i’ll research a little more.

*** gone ***


Written by hiway

February 3, 2005 at 3:26 am

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