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Today… was much better. Got up late and listened to some music. Then got ready and got to office.

Spent almost whole day surfing the Internet. Read some extra stuff about the products that our company manufactures. ALso, we guys had a good ‘offline’ talk with our supervisor.

Read 4 episodes of BOFH, the whole process of enjoying the BOFH stories usually attracts stares from others in the office, with you giggling and laughing while your eyes are fixed on the screen. Unlike what others would expect – there are no funny pictures and no short jokes… but all in all. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to go read a few more episodes quickly before the day ends!

I have a small excerpt from a chat session with one of my colleagues… I’ll soon edit it to make non-confidential and then put it online. It’s something about how an irate agent would really like to talk to a customer – after talking to 20 odd people, say 90% of which are not comfortable with computers and the remaining have a belief that they already know what has happened and don’t want to troubleshoot. It’s a rare occassion that we get a customer who gladly troubleshoots and is happy to have the issue resolved.

My training will start in 2 days… the 2 days being a weekly off!

So, as I mentioned earlier, back to reading BOFH and then zoom home!


Written by hiway

February 5, 2005 at 2:52 am

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