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Three day workshop on Videography and Script Writing.

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First of all, today’s photograph. It’s from my terrace, the nuts and bolts of an old dish-antenna holding it together.

I’m getting my dose of information for three straight days. There’s a workshop arranged on videography in Dad’s institute and I’m attending it religiously. So far I’ve learnt quite some jargon of the industry. I’ve known panning, tilting and tracking – but learnt more about field, depth, cranes and stuff.

Learnt about how movies are produced, what are the elements and processes involved. Saw a few clips from movies to get a clearer idea of the camera movements and concepts.

The resource person, Mr. Jayantkumar Tribhuvan (from Pune) is Dad’s friend and is staying with us for the three days. He’s quite helpful and fun to talk to.

All in all it’s been a refreshing and learning experience. Hope to learn more in the coming two days. Tomorrow’s agenda is simple – 10 teams of the students of the Institute are going to shoot 10 minute documentaries/ street plays and then present them. I’ll tag along with Mr. Tribhuvan and try to learn more about it while he directs the students.


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March 15, 2005 at 6:55 pm

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