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Chat with a Nature Photographer

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Called up one of Dad’s friends and arranged for a friendly chat today (now it’s become the yesterday) evening.

He’s a known photographer from our city, and a professor of zoology. He mostly photographs birds, has a nice set of equipment and a long experience behind him.

First when I went up and told him that I’m looking for a career in Photography, I got the usual lecture about the “not for everyone” thing. Also a few points about how difficult the lighting is and how you might have to spend 5 or more years to master the art of composing the photos.

Then he showed me his photos, which of course were great. I insisted on him seeing mine and comment on those, I had the CD all ready with nice album generated using Jalbum. He looked at them quietly for a while and turned my doubts into a reality.

He appreciated them, said they were good for a begineer and that I can very well make a good career in this field. I was doubtful that I’m good at this 😛 He confirmed it 😀

I’ve mostly been bad at most things. Studies, household chores, paying attention and remembering names.

He gave me a few tips on improving the “marketing” of photos, which I needed badly 😉 Also, mom, whom I urged to accompany me (because she remembers the things discussed better than me) had given a few brilliant ideas even before this visit. I’ll be working on those. Na na na! Not the ideas… those have to be a trade secret for a while 😛

So with a renewed confidence, I’m going to go further into this world of light. The world of light, yeah, nothing less 🙂

PS. I’m beyond sleepy. If there’s gibberish or line noise. Blame my not-sleeping-on-time habit.


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March 23, 2005 at 1:52 am

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