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Uploaded LOADS of photographs

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If you have been watching this blog (if you nod your head, I’ll doubt your memory.) then you might have noticed as I did, that the Photo of the Day series at the top of the page has been pushed away by some new photos in a very sudden manner.

Yes I have uploaded a lot of photos, mostly commercial ones since it’s the end of the month and I would be glad to use the bandwidth allocated to my Free Account 😀

Of course, If you are feeling generous, you can gift me the Pro Account 🙂 which will certainly mean more and higher-resolution photos on a regular basis. BTW, if you really wish to, my screen name is harshadsharma.

OK! Back to the usual rants. I will upload even more free photos tomorrow. So keep your fingers on the reload button!

The Photo of the Day series is available here.

The trip to Beed and Aurangabad was okay. I was extremely tired and stressed out. Even now I’m feeling the brunt of that journey in the hot and dry climate.

I’m very sckeptical about the effects of another trip that’s heading my way! I’m invited to Vasai for installing a software and training the people on it. It’s not your usual buy off the counter software 😀 It’s a mailing list manager that I made for a Marathi Monthly called ‘Dnyanodaya’. And I will be going to Vasai because the editor ot the Suvarta magazine liked the software very much and would like to have it set up for his magazine too. I’m looking forward to going there, but am not too keen on getting ill after that trip once more.

So that’s all for now! Good night world.


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March 28, 2005 at 2:22 am

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