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I was supposed to go to Vasai and install the mailing list management software at the the Suvarta magazine’s office today. However due to some technical difficulties (setup wizard did not include a few dependencies) I was unable to go through the trial run on my cousin’s computer in Mumbai.

After the failed attempt I noticed another thing, that the offices of the Magazine would be closed since the Pope passed away. So, even if I managed to get the dependencies as redist packages from the Internet, it would be of little use.

Hence, I am back at Ahmednagar, working away at the software – I’ll definitely use some other (free) software to create the installer this time. I really wish I could give enough time to learn better technologies like Python / C++ / Java enough to make full, working applications in 4 days flat. I’ll do that soon.

Ah, and I got a few photographs πŸ˜‰ Nothing artistic… just plain documentation of the trip.

We had kept out little car at a relative’s place and went in his car. The ride was fun, with the car heating up every few kilometers πŸ˜‰ Filling up the funky radiator is’nt very plesant job, by the way.

Roaring Radiator

And while we were waiting for the engine to cool down, I took a stroll and clicked a few quick pictures.

The Pylon

I’ve always wanted to get a good photograph of the tunnels on the express highway. This one is better than the previous ones… since I was driving at a steady 80 kmph (max allowed on the highway) I could manage to get a fair photograph with my cute little point-and-shoot Nikon E2000.



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April 4, 2005 at 9:39 am

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