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Since a long time I have been using the allergic Visual Basic language for creating programs while watching TV or while talking to friends. It’s easy to write one liners in VB with data binding and stuff to help you out. It’s even easy to chalk out a good GUI design without much effort.

I don’t like working with softwares that cost a heck. At least when I don’t have the money to spare. And of course, something that I don’t get agressive about, but try to practise as much as possible: Open Source.

So I went out on a search to find alternatives… alternatives that let me talk to friends or watch TV while coding. (I don’t watch much TV anyway…)

Here’s a list of a few alternatives I found or was pointed to by others:

1. Not open source, but a very good option would be to use Microsoft’s .NET SDK and SharpDevelop IDE for coding in VB.NET

2. Open Source, multiplatform, easy -> Python maried with Java = Jython! You can use Python syntax and Java’s libraries (like Swing GUI)

3. Still to try out, but looks very promising: Gambas ( it is a cousin of the Visual Basic language, runs on FreeBSD, Linux and others… and has support for QT and soon GTK! I’m excited about this.

By the way, from what I’ve seen till now the third option Gambas looks the most promising as it is made for RAD work. VB.NET is NOT RAD in my opinion – too much coding to do to get simple tasks done. In Visual Basic 6 it was much easier. It could also be just the lack of a few things in SharpDevelop though. I’m not too sure. Again, since I’m looking for free stuff, buying the new Visual Studio is not an option.

Let’s see which option I end up using. Jython is too complex with little documentation and very little examples. SharpDevelop leaves you almost all on your own. Gambas seems to have a decent backing of documentation too!


Written by hiway

April 8, 2005 at 1:47 am

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