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Network Cards, FreeBSD and XP’s Hibernation

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I moved cheetah (yes that 7 year old P-II 333 MHz machine) into another room and installed FreeBSD 5.3 on it. It was a few minutes’ work the real problem started after that.

I have two computers, cheetah and jaguar. Jaguar is the newer one… AMD 1.6 GHz with two operating systems – FreeBSD 5.3 and Windows XP.

And for dual booting, I have not installed any bootloader (due to my laziness) all I do is go to the BIOS and change the boot sequence of the two hard disks.

Now, when I want to switch from XP to BSD, I hibernate XP and boot into BSD. It works like charm, quick booting and shutdown for otherwise slow XP. When I’m done working with BSD, I go back to the BIOS change the boot sequence and un-hibernate XP.

But there was a problem… LAN was working great when XP was running, start BSD and *poof* all I see is “no carrier” on ethernet.

I asked for help in #freebsd, got quick and helpful pointers and fixes.. nothing helped. Then to add to the PITA, I got disconnected and was unable to reconnect. So I tried figuring it out myself. Now since I have mentioned the clues, you should have guessed – since I hibernated XP before starting BSD… something was causing the ethernet adapter to show a “no carrier” with no fancy lights on the connector 😦 bad bad

Also, one hint was “rl0 watchdog timeout” which ultimately means there is an error on the cable/media… funky eh?

Now after fidgeting a while I got the brilliant idea to NOT hibernate windows and use the shutdown option instead. (I know I’m very smart – so smart I could pass for a dumbo) And voila! It worked!!!

So here’s the moral of the story – if you don’t want headaches… let FreeBSD have all the computer for itself… spoilt friends like windows xp can cause your FreeBSD to see altered reality instead.

I’m going to get faster on porting the Mailing List Manager application to FreeBSD – so that I can finally get rid of the pain of wasting gigabytes on the other operating system.


Written by hiway

April 12, 2005 at 3:10 pm

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