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Currently doing the most important thing – getting my knowledge upto date with the requirements of writing an OS.

Reading about pentium microprocessor and about OS concepts like job scheduling, memory management. Some of this was covered in the course of BSc. Computer Science – but what I learnt looks more like a big joke when compared to what the reality is.

Anyway, I’m learning, and learning fast. In a week’s time I should be upto the mark for startig to write my own basic kernel.

Currently I have the MOST basic kernel ready, it basically does nothing, just goes into an unending loop with a blank screen staring at me.

I must tell you – FreeBSD makes the BEST platform for playing around with things like making your own kernel!

First I tried using Windows (R) (C) (TM) (whatever). The tools needed to be downloaded right from the assembler and linker – nasm, ld to djgpp for gcc (C Compiler) support then downloaded and used Bochs, VMWare [trial] , Winimage [trial] to transfer the kernel binary to the floppy image and then booting it. It was a proper pain.

I realized my blunder and quickly booted into FreeBSD. I got everything, mdconfig (to mount floppy image as a directory) and all the other tools for assembling and compiling right there… ready for use! Since I had installed bochs previously, that too was ready to emulate my stupid kernel!

So now I have a good project directory set up with shell scripts that automate the mounting/unmounting process etc. And I’m happy as usual with my FreeBSD!

Oh by the way I’m not making the new OS to compete with FreeBSD… it’s just an adventure!


Written by hiway

April 19, 2005 at 5:26 pm

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  1. Hey Could You send me a copy of all your currents projects i could help make inprovements and add functionality and we could be the next bill gates and paul allen.

    If you would email at:


    August 8, 2006 at 5:45 am

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