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Programming: FreeBSD Virtual Memory System

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The more I read about FreeBSD, the more I love it 🙂

It is good that I know already that my new OS project is actually of no practical use unless some really groundbreaking changes/optimizations/algorithms go into it, which is not my plan at the moment. I plan to make a simple toy OS.

Anyway, back to FreeBSD; I have been reading about it’s Virtual Memory Implementation. The article talks about the VM implemented in FreeBSD 4.x, we have 5.x Stable and 6.x in the making, imagine how ahead the FreeBSD hackers have gone!

The gist of the article (as I understood in a quick read) would be – FreeBSD is a mature OS, it has seen different times and has learnt a lot from them. It has not only learnt from it’s achievements, but also from its mistakes. Today, like since the first day, FreeBSD aims to make software that is beautiful to look at, from the human as well as machine’s point of view. Beautiful as in, it works beautifully. FreeBSD works better than other OSes almsot all of the time. It works even better under stress. FreeBSD is at the bleeding edge “technology” wise and it is still getting better.

The above summary has carefully avoided any technical details from creeping in – for the sake of simplicity!



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April 26, 2005 at 10:46 pm

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