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General: Marathi and Computers

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I have been writing in English for almost all of my life, while my native language – Marathi is conveniently neglected; as far as writing is concerned. Of course, I get a wider potential audience when I write in a globally accepted language, but that does not diminish the importance of my Mother Tongue!

I had few choices a few years back. Either type in some specialized software, convert to a gif/jpeg file and put as an embedded image or ask any and every user to download special fonts.

Today the choices are a bit easier. Most computers… almost every *nix, *BSD and GNU/Linux computer comes with a Devanagari Unicode font built in and a decent browser like Mozilla Firefox. I have noticed that the M$ guys too have worked on this a bit and have a rather decent fonr that ships with Windows XP.

So at least half of the computers that might access my website should be equipped to read Marathi; I can’t say the same about the people though!

Here’s my very own drop in the stream of Marathi scribblings:

आज काही खास काम केलं नाही. खरं तर मी अभ्यास सुद्धा केला नाही. पण एक आहे, आजपासून मी इंग्रजीबरोबरकच मराठीतून माझा ब्लॉग िलिहणं सूरु केलं.

इंग्िलश मध्ये िवचार करायची इतकी सवय झालीय िक मराठीत िवचार करायला कधी-कधी वेळ लागतो. लवकरच मी ह्यावर मात करीन. मला आनंद होतो, माझ्या, आपल्या भाशेत लिहायला!

मात्रूभाशेची सवय मी सहज सूटु देणार नाही. अनंत जगो माय मराठी!


Written by hiway

May 3, 2005 at 9:40 pm

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