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Friends: The Gathering

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Sumukh is in Pune, working hard at his new job. Ashutosh was in Pune on Sunday with his parents. Joy was in Pune on the same day… setting up his new room. I was in Pune on that same exact day – dozing off because of lack of sleep the previous night.

It’s a shame we didn’t meet… afterall, it’s been weeks or months since we four friends have been together. The sole reason – no communication. Blah!

Anyway, Sumukh bought a cellphone on that same Sunday, Joy has had it for a month now and I, for over 6 months. ashutosh will be getting his in a month. Good to know.

Finally, Ashutosh phoned me and Joy today and called us over. ‘Twas a good time sharing current events in our lives. I was and am glad to have good friends.

While coming back, Joy and me rode the bike till S.T. Stand, where we stopped a bit for more talk. When I started for home, I noticed something odd. The rear tyre was flat!

Joy was still around, and joined my poking around to see the cause… and also clicked this photo 🙂

Finally, we noticed it was almost 10 PM, and all of the puncture repair shops would be closed… so I went to the nearest Petrol Pump, filled the tyres full with air and zoomed home!

Home Sweet Home!


Written by hiway

May 18, 2005 at 3:55 am

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