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Technology: Dynamic Multi-cylinder Vehicles

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While riding on my motorcycle with my brother, he told me about his idea of having a vehicle in which you can choose the number of cylinders you’d like to use before you start up.

So here’s a fine tuned version of the same idea 🙂 of course, credits for the creativity first go to Pritam Sharma.

Imagine you are standing with the keys to a 6 cylinder motorcycle… and yes you are right next to the beast. All you need to do is turn the ignition key, wait for the engine to warm up nicely and softly raise the accelerator and shift gears till you reach a comfortable speed.

Simple eh?

Let’s peek at what’s happening in the bakground… a software is constantly monitoring the ‘load’ on the engine. When you start it, all 6 cylinders start working by default. Then as the computer notices that there’s hardly any load (while idling)… it opens up a large valve on each piston chamber and shuts down the fuel supply to those particular cylinders. Finally the engine is working on just one cylinder, using one sixth of the usual fuel consumption.

You decide it’s time to blast off… you give the accelerator a little nudge… program brings up one more cylinder, and the bike starts moving with two pistons pushing it. You are on a smooth road and the program does not decide that you would need any moer cylinders. Suddenly you notice a bunch of wannabe bikers riding past you 😉 just like the movies… you think hmm… how about a quick race?

Your bike is ready for it… just needs to know that you are willing to burn some rubber. You lower the gear and raise the accelerator, pump the clutch a bit… bike knows this behaviour and the program instantly shutd the large valves, fires up the remaining 4 cylinders and signals the same on the console.

Next, you are riding calmly, knowing that the punks you just met will remember a nice bike that went vrooooooom… vanish! Your ego floating in the air. And as you approach a signal, your engine returns to normal one cylinder, and begins saving fuel for the next sprint.


Written by hiway

June 12, 2005 at 9:16 am

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