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Geek Gadgets: ADSL 2+ or Cellphone with GPRS

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I’m thinking and contemplating on this – I need to save money for my future. However, I need broadband Internet. The easiest way is to get ADSL 2+, the Sancharnet’s DataOne facility and get 256kbps speed at 500 INR per month. It needs initial investment of around 2,500 to 3,000 INR.

Now, the issue with it is – it has a throughput limit of 1GB/month. I’m not a little boy using it only to check email, I need it for internet telephony and probably using webcamera once in a while… and that takes helluvalodof bandwidth.

As of now, using 56kbps dialup modem, I cross 4GB/month throughput on an average, with peak crossing 6GB/month. I’m sure I’d be ripped apart by the bill after the first month itself! — because they charge 2 INR per MB after the initial 1 GB limit. Pathetic!

Okay, so here’s Plan B, I spend more, save less in the first shot and get a GPRS enabled phone, get GPRS connection, which is again, 500 INR per month, BUT the throughput rate is unlimited… the issue is not with the throughput, however bandwidth is an issue… ya know, they always tell GPRS is always on and high speed blah blah… it’s all marketing gimmicks. It’s more like an ‘instant on’ connection, that gets connected within single-digit seconds and can range from reallllly slow to pretty fast, depending on how many people are using their cellphones. If the network gets clogged, your connection gets slow, or worse, drops completely. And, there is NO guarantee that if you are getting high speed for this minute, that you will get it later.

Of course, I chall be getting a Nokia 6600 / 6620 preferably a 6620, so that I can use EDGE – which is faster way of connecting than GPRS, but I’m not holding my breath for it 😉 And those phones have large screens, and I can also get a browser so I have complete internet on my palm. Neat huh?

As one might guess, there’s a big compromise here. One it’s the finances – I get to save in teh beginning, however I’m almost sure, I’ll be losing all that money to my first month’s bill for DataOne – because I crossed the limit. And I’m not interested in buying a 1,000 INR plan either – it’s just as bad to spend all that money!

Then, I can choose to use GPRS/EDGE and get a brand spanking new cellphone and highspeed connection and still pay less monthly compared to DataOne. But hey! I need quite a sum of money for buying the fancy cellphone! So that’ll mean, my account dries up soon and in a flash but does not get much beating later on…

Any suggestions? I’m almost deciding on the GPRS/EDGE way…

*sigh* NOW I read that note on my wall – “Thinking out loud can be injurious to other people’s attention span. – Harshad S”


Written by hiway

July 7, 2005 at 4:20 am

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