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It Lives!
Originally uploaded by Harshad Sharma.

Finally, the monsoons have started paying off! Not in the way of floods like in Mumbai, but as lush green carpets of grass and swaying trees.

Amit and I went photographing the nature around the Shah Hill… where Salabat Khan’s Tomb is situated. We have found one small dirt-road that leads to some nice spots.

Obviously, we came back with a bunch of nice photos! And since now I’ve got Flickr Pro, I’ve also started uploading fullsize images – for permanent archival 🙂

Rains have also been a little painful for me… right now I’m on my Tata Indicom CDMA connection, because the Sancharnet Landline is b0rked and completely dead. I like the upload speed but since a long while now, the Tata connection has stopped giving enough download speed. It is so jittery that my 56k Sancharnet connection beats the 115k tata connection when using realtime applications like Skype or streaming music. The shittiness of Tata is seen very clearly on Skype! It was not like this when they started their services.

I would have loved DataOne from Sancharnet if they had not capped the download at 1GB/month for their lowest and charged a freaking 2INR per MB after it!!! I would have rather loved a 1GB limit and Rs. 250 for every extra Giga Byte throughput after that. If the throughput was anything less than that, the rate should be charged in fraction. But of course, every business’s main is to make money… so I’ll leave it there.

Oh and I’m really glad I’m not in Mumbai 😛 I haven’t liked that place ever anyways… but the current shittiness of the Metropolitan City makes me glad I’m not there 🙂 The transportation, food, water, electricity, communications systems have failed or are on the verge of collapsing. I’m happy to be on a good height, among the hills 😉 Even though draught hits here every once in a while – and we have problems with water and electricity (due to hydroelectric power stations failing)… at least the communications and transportation keeps working smoothly 😉

Hmm… photo upload complete… let’s Blog This!


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August 1, 2005 at 10:59 am

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