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New toys in the toybox!

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New toys in the toybox!
Originally uploaded by Harshad Sharma.

I’ve been ruminating on this thought for a while – to get or not to get a synchro eye – also known as ‘slave unit’ by many photographers for my flashgun.

I have a decent flash that I use with the SLR but for my tiny digital camera, the built in flash is so small that it is hardly of any use. The problem begins at the point where you notice there is no room for expansion on the little Nikon E2000. It is supposed to be a cheap point and shoot camera, not a professional one.. so I can’t blame Nikon for that šŸ˜›

So I got this thing that I have to plug my larger flash into and just use the digicam as usual.. and whenever I click, both flashes fire at the same time šŸ™‚

The fun was when I tested it out for the first time… the camera uses a double flash to reduce the red-eye effect. The first flash is used just to contract the iris and then the second flash is used to actually make the image. And thanks to super fast electronics, the synchro flash went off at the first flash and the whole purpose of having it on standby was useless!

But anyway, here’s a note to self – from experimentation I have come to the conclusion that I should always use “Party Mode” or “Portrait Mode” while using the synchro flash.

I’m in Pune on 6th and 7th August. Hopefully the floods have receded and enough dry land is available for me to drive around šŸ™‚


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August 5, 2005 at 7:28 pm

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