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Sunset at Shah Hill

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Sunset at Shah Hill #4
Originally uploaded by Harshad Sharma.

Ahmednagar, a city over 700 years old, once the center of trade and now a draught prone developing city, has always provided me with more than enough opportunities to photograph beauty.

The weather here is funky, and that is exactly what makes it more nice a place to photograph.

And it is not exaggeration that I have clicked almost a quarter of my photos on just one hill. The Shah Hill… the one structure every person in Ahmednagar has seen, at least from a distance. Many people visit this place.

It is not a temple, it isnt a palace (as it is wrongly known) and it sertainly is not a park. It is a tomb. A memory of a general in the Nizam army under the founder Nizam Ahmed Shah.

I dont know why people go there, I go there to photograph the building itself and the nature around the hill. I have been there almost every other week since last few months. sometimes it is more than a few times a week.

Every time I have been there without a camera, I have cursed myself a lot for not having my toys handy. And every time I have been there with my camera, I have come back with some nice photos 🙂

I also have a proof! 😛 Like most of the times, there are more photos, click on this photo to find those too 😀


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August 29, 2005 at 9:50 pm

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