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Many times, I have been asked why does the computer manufacturing company charge me to remove the viruses… I did not ask for them. I did not download them myself. Then why do I have to pay for removing the malware?

Right, the company sells you computers… and people use the vulnerabilities in them to attack computers and yours is just another victim – so that makes the company responsible isnt it? I think otherwise.

Look at it this way… you buy a car. You go out for a nice ride… there’s a shootout in the street and a bullet is lodged into your car. Who do you blame? The car company for not making bulletproof cars? Or the people firing the guns?

Think about it… this is simple logic. Moreover, the operating systems are developed by different companies in most cases. The computer manufacturer has nothing to do with the strength of the software… so why should they not charge you for repairing what was damaged in a ‘drive by shootout’ on the Internet?

The best way to protect against most such attacks is to be vigilant, aware about the threats that you can face online and to take enough care to avoid them. Get a firewall, and update your antivirus software regularly. Simple eh? If you can’t do that, by all means, get tech support and get it done. Would you not pay your local garage guy to fix up that brand new stereo if you could not do it yourself?

Next time you talk to a tech support person, talk with a smile… it was not he who broke your system, but he sure is going to fix it – with your cooperation.


Written by hiway

September 21, 2005 at 11:26 pm

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