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Friends Getting Married… (and other stories)

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Rahul B. got engaged a few weeks ago… now it’s Nazir’s turn 🙂

Hehehe… poor guys! I’m glad to be a freebird 😛 Gotta keep it that way for the next few years!!!

Anyway, today’s trip to Pune was great. Got a few nice photos of Nazir – a memory of the friend as we know him… dunnot what all changes marriage will bring in! (kidding)

Anyway, good luck to both of them!

Ashutosh and Sumukh met today, Ashutosh is after me to join him at a class on UNIX, in Pune. The only issue is that the class it from 8 PM to 10 PM – my house from Pune is at about 3 hours of highway driving. If I join, I will have to drive 6 hours a day – 3 days each week for the next 4 months. I’m willing to do that for the love of UNIX! Let’s see if I can convince my parents that it is safe enough (while in Wipro, I used to travel at similar times, but without actually telling them beforehand, and also, it was not a routine!)

Hmm… today I saw a lot more accidents on the Ahmednagar-Pune highway… was there some festival recently? I have noticed that people get drunk during festive time… then drive around – all over the road – till gravity has the better of them, physics takes over biology and forces of nature (like, trees, earth, raging metals…) prove ‘nothing is permanent’… *sigh* a sad fact.


I don’t drink, smoke or even chew the yucky stuff called ‘gutkha’. I’m allergic to all kinds of smoke – never felt curious about trying a cig, the smell of gutkha and supari makes me vomit… tasted wine once, liked the taste, never tried again. Hmm… so I’m pretty safe for the road I guess 😛 Ha! Aha! There’s my reason #1; why its okay for me to ride my bike on the highways at midnight!

Why am I rambling on here? Well, because this is my place 🙂 You bored? Read something else! Hehe, thank ya for your time, buh bye.

Me gone.


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December 22, 2005 at 12:32 am

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