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3 Days, UNIX Class and Other Stories from Pune

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It is 1:30 in the night. I reached Ahmednagar at about 1:10 AM. The 2:30 hour drive was a wonderful experience – only big vehicles on the road, an occassional motorcyclist, the wide open highway… me and my bike!

The weather is cold, but thanks to my trusted jacket, that was not an issue. My dirty jeans took the cold in stride 😉 I wonder if the jeans was all clean, would it block the cold so efficiently!

Anyway, an important note: I lost my cellphone earlier today. At about 10 AM while I was on Dhole Patil Road, Pune. (I really don’t expect that the person who found it would ever come here, but ) if by chance ‘you’ found my cell, please return it – I will be blocking the cellphone soon, so it won’t be of any use to you anyway… just that you might have the Police knocking at your door someday sooner or later 😉 The time limit for you to be a good citizen is till next Monday…

I must thank and appreciate IDEA cellular for their prompt service. It was a matter of waiting for 10 minutes in a queue… then a helpful lady asked me about the issue, got my photo-ID photocopied, inquired if I wanted to retain my cell number, the answer, obviously, was a big “YES!” and gave me a replacement SIM card, for which I had to pay INR 50 (~US $1) and I was on my way – in 2 or 3 minutes flat. Of course, it would take an hour for the new SIM to be activated, at least I was assured that my number would not be used for any wrong purposes.

I have lost my whole contact list (except for a little subset which I had backed up on an old SIM card… maybe) so if you read this, and if you were on my contact list, please SMS your name and city to me. The number has not changed since one year… and thanks to IDEA’s quick service, not even today – (985-88—1) you should know the missing parts, or maybe you can try to guess them 😀

The UNIX class is really good. I’m finally enjoying learning with people who enjoy similar things (read, UNIX) and from a teacher who actually knows what he is speaking about!!! (yes, you guessed it right, but the previous experiences are not worth mentioning.)

Hrmph… my back hurts a bit after this ride… need some sleep. Good night world.

Thanks to God Almighty for bringing me home in one piece. Thanks to my Angel for putting up with my stunts 🙂


Written by hiway

December 29, 2005 at 1:54 am

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